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Chris BerryEastern Regional Sales Manager

Name: Chris Berry
Hometown: Born and raised in Saint Helena, CA. Currently live in Boston, MA. 
Been at Miner since: May 2013
Why the wine industry? My grandfather was in the Napa Valley wine industry. I also grew up with a vineyard in my backyard. Despite studying something completely unrelated (I have a B.S. in Medical Anthropology) 3,000 miles away from California (Virginia), it was in my blood and the call of the valley pulled me back. It continues to be one of the best decisions of my life.
Favorite part of your job: Creating relationships with all the people that are part of this wonderful wacky industry.
Last meal? I’m working in South Carolina this week, so the last meal that I ate was shrimp and grits. My last meal ever? It would probably involve the ahi burger from Taylor’s Refresher (aka Gott’s). I crave it!
Little known fact about you: I unknowingly lived in (but did not work in!) in a Guatemalan brothel for 5 months. It was only after I moved out that I learned the truth about the “extended stay hotel.” 
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Based off of the amount of time I spend in airport terminals and on planes, I would have to say teleporting. 
You love: Lingering at the dinner table with friends and family long after we’ve finished eating.
You hate: Intolerance. And bananas. Neither belong on earth.
Hidden talent: I can fall down while barely moving. I am profoundly uncoordinated.
Favorite wine/varietal: Bone dry rosés made from Rhône varietals make me incredibly happy.
You’re a die hard: Californian.
Best quote: “Brevity is the soul of wit.”