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Stacy VogelWinemaker

In your typical “gal from North Carolina travels abroad and falls in love with wine” story, Stacy Vogel, as always, takes it to another level. After some post-graduate stints in health care and IT, she was hired on with a wine and beer distributor doing sales administration. There, she had access to wines from all over the world and was able to hone her tasting skills, and fell deeper in love.

So, obviously, she set her sights on California and a career in winemaking. After receiving her Master’s Degree from the University of California at Davis wine program, she worked harvests in Burgundy and Australia before returning to the Golden State. Phew! Are you keeping up?

Since landing at Miner Family Winery in 2008, Stacy has managed to have two children and receive two promotions, the last one being named Winemaker in December of 2013. Stacy’s plans moving forward are to “maintain Miner’s winemaking philosophy while continuing to build upon and elevate the wine’s style.” (Read: she’s gonna knock it out of the park)