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Production Team

Miner truly is a Family Winery. The production team’s kids, siblings, cousins and significant others have worked harvest, the bottling line, the shipping department, and even poured wine in the tasting room. They are experts at taking care of each little winemaking detail to ensure your glass showcases our wines precisely the way they were intended.

Wes, our longest-running employee (hired August of 1999), could practically handle harvest by himself. From forklifting and processing grapes, to shoveling tanks and operating our presses, he can do it all. After our last fruit is received and our equipment has been shelved, he’ll be found in the cellar, filtering wine to prepare it for bottling.

Joe, “The Bottling Wizard”, has been operating and maintaining our bottling line since September of 1999. Once he’s ensured quality control has been met, and cased up the last bottle, he jumps in wherever he’s needed, be it topping, crushing or general maintenance. He also takes on creative projects: he made a chandelier of Oracle wine bottles, which is displayed during our Oracle release party!

Angelica knows the specific location of every barrel lot and can navigate the cave with her eyes closed – which happened once during a power outage! As barrel manager, she racks every blend we make, for both Miner and our clients. She is also the go-to for staging barrels for events, such as our Benedetto concert.

Ben, our compliance and database specialist, tracks and records each lot, from grape to bottle. He has also been known to assist in the lab, on the crush pad, and can even run the bottling line if needed.

Evelia, in charge of housekeeping for our entire facility, comes in every day smiling, despite that fact that she’s busy cleaning up after everyone. When her work is complete, she still takes time to lend a hand with the pump-overs during fermentation.

Itzel is a graduate from Cal Poly, with a degree in viticulture and enology. A native to St. Helena, she returned home, put her skills to use, and was quickly recruited to a full-time position. She runs the lab as our enologist, and helps in the cellar when needed.

We also take on a group of interns each harvest, who live to get dirty and drink all our beer.

Cheers to that!