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Nicholas BirgeTasting Room Manager

Name: Nicholas Birge
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Been at Miner since: May 2016
Why the wine industry? I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Biology in 2009 (terrible job market/can’t do anything without a Masters, etc.). I took any job that would take me (BevMo!) and worked from the bottom up where I learned I really enjoyed craft beer. After taking over as manager of the Menlo Park store, I realized that I needed wine knowledge as well. I took classes at the ICC (taught by multiple Master Somms) and passed my Certified Somm exam in March of 2015. This piqued my interest in wine and I decided my newfound passion would be better served in Napa, where I found a position at Miner.
Favorite part of your job: Hosting guests who have never been to a winery before. Explaining the process of winemaking and being able to show it to them first hand, in its entirety. A lot of them have been told about the process before, but haven’t actually seen it up close; it’s cool to watch their faces as it all starts to click in their head about the immense amount of time and effort put into each bottle of wine.
Last meal: Steak and potatoes…for dessert, more steak.
Little known fact about you: My rap game is strong (especially if it’s a little Ludacris or E-40) Haha!
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Flight! I hate planes but I love to travel!
You love: My dog, Hunter.
You hate: My cat, George (jk!).
Hidden talent: I’m good in the kitchen.
Favorite wine/varietal: Grenache
You’re a die hard: Dog dad