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Rachel PopovitchEastern Regional Sales Manager

Name: Rachel Popovitch
Hometown: East Windsor, NJ
Been at Miner since: January 2020
Why the wine industry? Most of my greatest memories have wine involved in them. Family Dinners, celebrations, parties, presents, it always brings people together. I always say, ‘ you may remember a good meal, but you will never forget a great bottle of wine.’
Favorite part of your job: Introducing people to something new, and their face when they love what they are tasting.
Last meal? A good juicy burger, my dad’s fish (any kind of fish) and my moms flourless chocolate cake.
Little known fact about you: I danced for the NBA for 3 years, then taught Hip Hop Dance for an additional 3 while in Grad School.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation! There are so many places I want to visit, and airport security lines are the worst.
You love: My family, the beach, good food and experiencing/learning new things.
You hate: Cooked carrots, rude people and bad smells.
Hidden talent: I can recite all of Eminem’s songs, and 8 Mile.
Favorite wine/varietal: WINE. I love it all, but am partial to Bordeaux blends.
You’re a die hard: Nerd. I love to learn about pretty much anything and would be a professional student if I could.