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Rebecca BrookmanAssistant Winemaker

Name: Rebecca Brookman
Hometown:  St. Helena, California
Been at Miner since: 2019 Harvest
Why the wine industry? It exists at the nexus of art and science.
Favorite part of your job: When the crew is vibing and the finished blends are fire.
Last meal: Drunken noodles.
Little known fact about you: I’m actually two people in a trenchcoat.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation
You love: Dogs
You hate: The absence of dogs.
Hidden talent: All of my talents are on full display.
Favorite wine/varietal: Our Rosato and Sangiovese.
You’re a die hard: Die Hard fan.
Best quote: “Get used to the bear behind you.” – Werner Herzog