What We’re Drinking this Week: Sangiovese

What We’re Drinking this Week: Sangiovese


sangio_blogSummer is in full-force, which means backyard barbecues and pool parties abound. These situations usually call for a glass of something crisp and white. However, by the time the sun starts to set, we want something red in our glass: enter Sangiovese. It’s easy to drink, pairs great with a range of meat and veggies fresh off the grill, and isn’t as heavy as Cab or Merlot. It’s the perfect summertime red wine.

Tasting Notes: The Gibson family’s organically farmed ranch has been Miner’s prime source for Sangiovese since 1997. Cooler growing conditions near the Mendocino coast allow grapes to ripen at an even pace for balanced fruit and acid structure. This Sangiovese is readily approachable with bright plum-currant flavors and hints of cedar on the palate.

Blend: 99% Sangiovese, 1% deep sighs.

Occasion to Consume: Backyard barbecues, socially awkward situations, hot tubbing, playing lawn games, etc.

Food Pairing: This recipe for Lamb Steak Frites is amazing, and it pairs perfectly with our 2013 Sangiovese. Sangiovese pairs beautifully with pepperoni pizza, too.

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