Napa Valley Rocks

Napa Valley Rocks

What makes the Napa Valley so fantastic? Besides having some of the best wine and food the world has to offer, there are actually some scientifically proven reasons as to why we are so great.

The Napa Valley Vintners have put together a series of educational videos on the geological history of Napa Valley to clue you in our secrets. These videos range from talking about the history of Napa Valley and its origins to our highly varied soils, which feature more than half of the world’s soil orders!

One of Napa Valleys most prestigious vineyards, as well as a great source of Miner Family Wineries fruit, Stagecoach Vineyards,  is owned and managed by Dr. Jan Krupp, who is featured in the viticulture video segment. His celebrated modern growing techniques and viticulture practices are some of the most renowned in the Valley!

For more information on the Napa Valley Vintners and their Napa Valley Rocks video segments and educational materials, click here!


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