Community Contributions

Community Contributions

This goes without saying for anyone who has met him, but if you haven’t, Dave Miner is a really cool dude.

There’s a lot that people already know about Dave – he’s an avid jazz guitar enthusiast, a wonderful father, bibliophile, wine lover, foodie and so, so much more. But one thing I think that is often overlooked about Dave is one of his most endearing qualities – his generosity. Dave is a kind soul and generous heart. From the annual Thanksgiving potluck (which includes a complimentary turkey for each of our families!) to the holiday bash, an allocation of Giants tickets and plenty of paid time to celebrate milestones and special occasions with our loved ones, Dave really does treat his employees more like his extended family.

But the giving doesn’t only revolve around us and Dave’s checkbook. That would be easy.

Miner Family Winery employees will donate over 700 hours of service to the community in 2017.

Yep! You read that right. And it’s all possible because of Dave Miner. Now that is an investment – not only in the community, but in his employees as well. Dave has gone above and beyond and given all full time employees the opportunity to take 24 paid hours per year to donate in “volunteer time off” to causes of their choice. For example, one of our co-workers went on a humanitarian trip to Guatemala with Soles4Souls. Starting in January, the wine club team (all two of us!) started in the volunteer program at Sunrise Horse Rescue in Calistoga.

At Sunrise Horse Rescue, Tyler and I have been trained in natural horsemanship techniques and we now visit weekly to groom, exercise and feed some of the 26 horses on the property. This experience allows us to bond outside the winery, and give time to a cause that so desperately needs and depends on man hours and hard work. If you are unfamiliar with what they do, I encourage you to check out their website and like them on Facebook.

The cherry on top of all this giving comes right back to you though, our guests and fans. After a multi-year struggle with lung cancer, Dave and his girls lost Emily Miner in December of 2011. Prior to that time, the V Foundation had always been important to the both of them since, sadly, cancer has touched Dave’s life in many unexpected ways. Because of this, we donate 10% of the net proceeds for every single bottle we sell of the Emily’s Cabernet Sauvignon to the V Foundation. Our thriving donation program includes not only monetary contributions when possible, but also a great deal of charitable giving through auction programs and the like. Visit our donations page for more information.

When people see the name Miner Family Winery, I hope they always notice the word “Family” right there, smack-dab in the middle. I truly feel that word embodies our culture as a company, and who we are as a business; a tried and true family, supporting each other through thick and through thin, encouraging each other along the way, being open-minded and empathetic to others, and always remembering how blessed we are, and to spread that love unto those who need it. I know Dave lives this every day and supports us in doing the same!

Laila Subaie

Laila grew up in Sonoma county eating dinner out every night. Really. When your father is the owner and chef at a busy French restaurant, family time requires you to dine on fabulous cuisine daily. Her father’s motto is “teach them young”, and so at an early age Laila learned all about hard work, hospitality, food and wine.

In 2004, Laila entered the wine industry and has since gained invaluable experience, developed countless programs and is recognized as one of the leaders in her field.

Her creativity and passion for an unforgettable club experience, starting at the tasting room level and resonating through all points of contact, keeps her members interested and engaged.

When asked what’s the best part of her job, Laila says, “That’s easy, I get to interact with some of Miner’s most enthusiastic fans.” Sweet gig.

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