Tips for Planning a Successful Holiday Party

Tips for Planning a Successful Holiday Party

Holiday parties abound this time of year, and if you’re on the “invitee” list, this is an incredibly fun and jovial season! However, if you’re hosting one or more get-togethers, planning and executing can be stressful. Our very organized Events Manager, Abby Mathis, has put together this helpful guide to hosting a successful (and stress-free) holiday celebration.

Make a list and a timeline

You have big plans and grand ideas, so make sure you have time to get to each important detail. Lists not only help you stay on task, but make it easy to delegate.

 Make sure you have sufficient libations

  • If you are having dinner, plan for ¾ bottle wine per person; that’s about 3 glasses of wine.
  • It’s always great to have large format wines available: they make for lovely centerpieces, and if you’re hosting a crowd, you only have to open one bottle of wine.
  • Please the masses with our 2012 Holiday Red Wine. It goes well with food and is the quintessential party wine!

Prep ahead of time

  • One week before: Plan your menu and go shopping. The grocery stores will be packed this time of year, so make sure to leave some extra time.
  • A few days before: If you are creating signage, printing menus, or making place cards, get those ready a few days in advance. These things always take longer than you expect!
  • Day-of: Chill your beverages. Don’t waste valuable refrigerator space; put them into a cooler on ice. 

It’s all about the small touches

  • Use a pretty picture frame to display a bar menu or the featured wines of the evening.
  • Leave a small basket in the restroom filled with items your guests might need like mints, hairspray, and bobby pins.
  • If you’re having a casual cocktail party, create labels ahead of time to leave with each dish you are serving. Hosting a dinner party? Search for a template online and print out themed menus.


Don’t get too caught up in the details that you can’t relax. If you have good wine, good food and good company, that’s all you really need. Enjoy the holiday season and don’t forget what it’s all about.

Happy Holidays from Miner Family Winery!

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