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Naggiar Vineyard Sierra Foothills

Owned by Mike and Diane Naggiar, the first 30 acres were planted in 1998, after vineyard consultant Larry Bradley evaluated the soils to help select the best varieties, clone and rootstocks. The entire vineyard is perched on a large hill, receiving 360 degree exposure and views! With the full exposure and heat, it was clear Italian and Southern Rhone varieties would do best. The Grenache and Tempranillo that we claim every year have full Southern exposure and are given wide spacing (3x8ft) with a big Lyre canopy, to keep the grapes from getting too hot and to take advantage of the Delta breezes that come through in the afternoons.

Varietals: Tempranillo, Grenache

Planted: 2001

Owner/Farmer: Mike Naggiar

Soil: Loam with subagular rocky soils

Site/Climate: 1300 ft elevation, hilly, TP and GR both southern exposure, very rocky, warm days, delta breezes in afternoon, cool nights give 30deg swings means great acidity