I Feel the Earth… Move… Under my Feet

I Feel the Earth… Move… Under my Feet

You all have heard about the 6.0 trembler we had here in Napa on August 24. We have received many calls from customers and Club Members wondering how everything is here at the winery. Many thanks for all of your concern!

We are happy to report that we suffered no damage to the winery or any barrels or equipment, nor any injuries to our employees. We were all very, very lucky. We lost less than a case of wine and lots of glasses in the Tasting Room. We were without power for about a day and had to delay crushing our first lot of Sauvignon Blanc, but our growers took it in stride and the beautiful fruit arrived on Tuesday following the quake. It is currently bubbling away in tank, giving off lovely floral and grapefruit aromas that fill the whole winery.

We are at about the 20% mark for harvest, with all of our Sauvignon Blanc in and much of our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay picked. Syrah and Merlot are not far off, and even the Cabernet Sauvignon is less than a month out – and it’s early September! You will hear a lot from Napa vintners about how early this year’s harvest is. We had a warm dry spring that jump started the season. This will ensure everything will have a chance to fully ripen before any October rains threaten us. This will be a downright easy harvest! (At least, that is what I am telling myself….)

We hope you can come visit us at the winery during this exciting and hectic time of year. And don’t bring any earthquakes with you, OK?!

Cheers, and Happy Harvest!

Stacy Vogel, Winemaker

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