Corks on Corks on Corks

Corks on Corks on Corks

Have you looked outside recently? Things are changing. The sun is setting at 5, precipitation is occurring all over the nation, and people are rocking the 8-layer wardrobe all day long. Winter is here, friends, and with it comes the holiday season. You need to come up with gifts, stat. You have friends to think of, family members to assure your love for, and that one guy who no one invites but still manages to show up anyway. You know the one.

Gifting is hard. How many years in a row can you get away with gift cards? You could re-gift but then you run the risk of re-gifting the original gifter, and that’s awkward. You’d give wine to everyone but you keep drinking everything you buy because it’s just so delicious and you deserved it, really, and they probably don’t even appreciate good wine like you do, right?

Don’t panic. Miner Family Winery is here with an idea to save the day…..and all you need is your collection of corks. Did you know that corks can be crafted into all sorts of original and beautiful handmade designs? Check out some of these DIYs below, and then start saving your corks.

Check out this fun project:


What an excellent winter holiday wreath! How universally acceptable!

 Express your love:


Keep ’em guessing if you love them or if you just really love wine.

For a special lady in your life:


Bonus tip: A diamond necklace would fit on that display nicely, don’t you think?

And Finally:

Fast and classy, not too sassy. Perfect for an authoritative figure in your life! Make sure the corks are from really expensive bottles, we’re looking to impress here.


You’ll need:

1 basic candle of your choice with a glass candle-holder.

Enough corks to circle said candle

A hot glue gun

An exacto knife

A gorgeous ribbon

A thin cork sheet from a craft store


To Assemble:

  1. Place the candleholder on the cork sheet.
  2. Arrange the corks in a full circle around the candle, wine-stained side up.
  3. Arm yourself with the hot-glue gun. Attack! Glue those corks down, keeping the logo facing out (the fancier the cork, the sassier the candle).
  4. Trace a circle around the corks and cut out using an exacto knife. You can go with a scalloped edge following the corks if you want to be really fancy.
  5. Wrap the ribbon around the corks, gluing it in place. Leave enough excess ribbon to tie into a bow.
  6. Now tie it into a bow.
  7. You win the holiday season. Everyone else can go home.

-Jessica Gerson, Tasting Room Associate

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